Kelly Cahill Ames, Modern Hippee!

My Professional Profile:  I am a multi-media artist working full time to create original pieces that are saturated with color, pattern, and creative design detail.   Over the years, I have made and sold my art at festivals and special events, in retail stores and galleries and on the internet.  I am an enthusiastic and extremely hard working artist who is completely dedicated to my craft.  I am well rounded in the art of business and in the art of life.  I strive to be detail oriented and intelligent about my artistic pursuits and I work tenaciously to timely complete any project I take on.  Most importantly, I am centered, confident, honest and perpetually grateful for this life and it shows in my art.   I create art that is fun, fabulous, and funky and I do so in a prolific manner that reflects my zeal for life and all that it has to offer. 

My Technical Skills:  As a multi-media artist, I am proficient in many different mediums.  I don’t like to limit myself in any way and consistently expand my horizons in terms of my choice of material and subject matter.  I am well versed in painting on wood, canvas and glass. I am extremely adept at creating intricate mosaics and kiln fired fused glass.  I am especially fond of BLING and choose to incorporate anything that sparkles, glitters, reflects or glimmers on the surface of my art.  I like to highly embellish the surface of my piece so that the eye bounces around in a scattered attempt to take it all in.  I frequently incorporate upcycled items into my work as a wink to my past and because I am fond of rejuvenating items that are easily discarded in the name of technology, like my robots.


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